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Snacks We Are Gaming For

Jonathan Gilmour February 8, 2018

Gamers love to snack, right!? There’s always hot debates about if people allow certain snacks at the gaming table. My opinion is that games are just things and the reason I buy them is for the fun times they generate. I can replace the game if it gets greasy, or chee-to-ey, but those memories are priceless. So I don’t really care what snacks are at the table, as long as everyone is having fun!

If you’re looking for inspiration, though, here is my list of go to snacks to pick up:

Beef Jerky – There are a ton of great jerky stores around where I live, and I am typically on a low carb diet, so Jerky works great for me.


Chips and Dip – It’s kind of like a dexterity game! Try not to break the chip! My favorite combo growing up was Ruffles chips with Heluva Good french onion dip.


Baked Goods – My sister is an incredible baker and she makes something awesome for almost every game day. I think my favorites have to be her Lemon Tarts or her Mini Pecan Pies.


Whatever People Bring – For our monthly game day my wife and I provide a main dish and we ask that people who attend bring a side, snack, or drink to share. Then we start at around 11am. No one has to leave for lunch or supper and we game all day. We’re coming up on our 90th game day and we’ve made so many friends!


Featured Photo of Snakes and Lattes by Jesse Milns


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