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Gen Con Grows and Surprising Amount of Games Sell Out

Jen Graham-Macht August 8, 2018

Gen Con was bigger than ever this year. My Apple Watch reported that I walked an average of 6 miles per day. The floor space expanded, the crowd grew and there is a long list of sold out games reported from vendors. The convention even worked out a deal to set up gaming space in the airport terminals! Gen Con CEO, David Hoppe, noted there were “substantially more than 60,000 unique attendees.” Gen Con reported Badge sales for Saturday grew 16% and more impressively, they saw a 60% year over year growth in Sunday attendance, a day dedicated to families and children. The convention streamed it events on Twitch for the first time, reaching an audience of more than 300,000 viewers. There were 17,000 ticketed events, over 600 new games, and more than 520 gaming companies on the show floor.

One of the biggest questions people will ask after the weekend, especially those that did not attend the convention, is what games sold out. It’s important to keep in mind that each of the games I list had a different number of copies on the show floor. Publishers have to conform to the constraints of the space they have, which may not be able to hold more than a few hundred games. Some companies spend a premium to air freight a limited number of games to the convention because printing is tight this time of year and the full printing games don’t quite make it to the US in time. Other companies hold back, specifically to build buzz around their products.

Some of the exceptional sell outs in this list include Root, selling 1400 copies, Detective, selling more than 700 copies, Nyctophobia, selling 300 copies and The Mind, selling 1500 copies. Newton, from CMON, on the other hand, only had some 100 copies for sale, often selling through to a line that formed before the doors to the main hall were even open. Bezier Games debuted the Whistle Stop expansion this weekend, which did not sell out but sold very well. In an interview with their media team they note “it’s disheartening to walk up to a booth and not be able to get the thing you really want.” Their expansion sold very well, but they were happy to have copies available moving into Sunday. I noticed this with Everdell from Starling Games as well, which had a table filled with people demoing the entire weekend. Below are the games I confirmed sold out over the weekend:

  • Arboretum (Renegade Game Studios)
  • Archmage (Starling Games)
  • Brass: Birmingham (Roxley Games)
  • Catch the Moon (Matagot)
  • Clank! In Space! Apocalypse! (Renegade Game Studios)
  • Coimbra (eggertspiele)
  • Detective (Portal Games)
  • Dinosaur Tea Party (Restoration Games)
  • Dungeon Raiders (Devir)
  • Expancity (Breaking Games)
  • Forbidden Sky (Gamewright Games)
  • Horizons (Daily Magic Games)
  • Junk Orbit (Renegade Game Studios)
  • Kemet: Seth (Matagot)
  • Lost Cities: Rivals (Thames and Kosmos)
  • Lucidity (Renegade Game Studios)
  • Meeple Circus Expansion (Matagot)
  • Newton (CMON)
  • Nyctophobia (Pandasaurus Games)
  • Paper Tales (Stronghold Games)
  • Petrichor + Expansion (APE Games)
  • Railroad Ink (both editions) (Horrible Games)
  • Root (Leder Games)
  • Scythe: Rise of Fenris (Stonemaier Games)
  • Space Park (Keymaster Games)
  • Spy Club (Renegade Games)
  • Symphony No.9 (Moaideas Game Design)
  • Tea Dragon Society (Renegade Game Studios)
  • The Mind (Pandasaurus Games)
  • The Reckoners (Nauvoo Games)
  • Villainous (Ravensburger)
  • War Chest (AEG)
  • Welcome To (Deep Water Games)
  • Western Legends (Kolossal Games)

This list is subject to grow, as more sold out games are reported.


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