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Gen Con, Day One is about to kick off and before we get into the Hall, there are a couple of announcements we have to enjoy.

Renegade Game Studios announced yesterday this Gen Con will see more Clank! Content with the release of Clank! Expeditions: Gold and Silk. Renegade, in partnership with Dire Wolf Digital describes this expansion as the beginning of a brand new line of products attached to the wildly popular deck building series. It will be available at Gen Con and then have it’s main release in October.

Renegade has also announced the second ever project they will launch on Kickstarter. Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative challenge for 2-5 players by designer, Jonathan Ying, and produced in partnership with Hasbro. The Kickstarter launches August 14th and is slated to release in the Spring of 2019. Renegade has also announced the first expansion for the game, Shattered Grid, which will feature locations and foes pulled directly from BOOM Studios award winning series.

Image provided by Renegade Game Studios
Image provided by Renegade Game Studios

Pandasaurus Games shared the news that Passtally, a 3D route-building game by Japanese designer, Masaki Suga, is just the first in a line of upcoming announcements for new games we can expect from them. Passtally was published earlier this year by Analog Lunchbox will get a fresh printing and US release in the Spring of 2019. Passtally will be the first Analog Lunchbox to get a US release. Analog Lunchbox is well known from the Japanese Game Market as a publisher with high polish in both game design and graphic development. We will be interested to see if this marks the beginning of the import of their entire line of games to the west.

Fantasy Flight had an announcement of its own yesterday too. Keyforge, Call of the Archons is being described as a unique deck game designed by Richard Garfield. In the game, players will compete as Archons in the Crucible, a world where anything is possible. While a release date has not been specified, the base game, and recommended starter deck, are available for preorder on the Fantasy Flight website right now.

Image provided by Pandasaurus Games
Image provided by Fantasy Flight Games

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