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The Expected: A co-op game for large groups that makes you feel like a starship crew in a life-threatening crisis.
The Excessive: The downtown and difficulty in decision-making when the player count gets high. Difficulty also tends to ramp up with more crew members, so be careful of creating a negative experience.
The Exceptional: The supply of fun and unique roles to every player, while having even more in reserve for the next playthrough. You’ll truly feel the chaos of being on a doomed spaceship, but you’ll also feel like you have clear ways to contribute to the victory.

The Captain is Dead is about catastrophe, for better or for worse. There’s a lot to keep track of on the ship, but no single piece is too complex to handle. Once the game starts moving, everything will quickly fall into place, and when it falls back apart, it only adds to the excitement!

Similar Games: Burgle Bros, Pandemic
Recommended Player Count: 4
Featured Game Mechanic: Variable Player Powers, Action Point System
MSRP: $50

The Captain is Dead, designed by Joe Price and JT Smith. Illustration by Gaetano Leonardi.

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