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Sometimes, one round of a game just isn’t enough. Every time we finish up one of these games, we’re ready to get another one going. You know what this reminds me of? Groundhog Day! Here’s a list of games that play in 5-15 minutes and are instantly replayable. Just be careful or you might get caught in the loop…

Fugitive – Let’s be honest. We’re not leaving the table until we’ve taken turns playing the fugitive and the agent at least once.

Hey, That’s My Fish!  – Game for kids? I think not! (well maybe…) I’ll go three rounds of this game with anyone over lunch.

Deep Sea Adventure – No sooner have I made it back to the submarine, I’m ready to head back down into the deep again, looking for any edge I can get over my opponent.

Campy Creatures – “Played over the course of 3 rounds, called nights.” Ha! More like 5 nights, or 10!

Exploding Kittens – If I get knocked out early, then I’m definitely playing another round of this immediately. But often, when I win too, and other players challenge me to another duel, I can’t pass it up.

Love Letter – This is one of the original quick, filler game that was added to our collection, and now it’s so second nature we meta hard core with this game. Suddenly we’re still playing filler an hour later.

Palace (yeah the one with a deck of cards) – We all play this game behind closed doors, not willing to admit it happens, but you’ll be sitting playing Twilight Imperium, and someone will mention Palace, and you’ll be like, “Wait! You play Palace too?” And that’s it, no more Twilight, just Palace for days.


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