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Enamel pins are in right now. Or wait… are they? Am I too old? Someone said the other day we’ve moved on to patches – is that true? Well, anyway, I still really like enamel pins. I like them so much that I usually coordinate them to my activity. Here is a list of some great ideas for pins you can wear to tabletop game night! These are in no special order, because let’s face it: I love all pins equally. Well, except the one my company made (that’s my favorite).

Acquisitions, Inc. Blind Box Pinnies – These cute-as-hell pins are from the Penny Arcade collection, and they detail the adventures of Acquisitions, Inc., their D&D campaign. But with pins like the D20s that say “12” and “8” with the words “Good Enough” underneath, I think we can all relate to these.

Classic D&D Pins – I bought the Hunter’s Mark pin, because I play an absurd Ranger/Rogue in my 5e game, but I also bought that gorgeous Roll for Initiative pin for the DMs of the two games I’m in. If I could have justified getting them all, I would have, but you should for sure choose the one that relates the most to your character(s)!

D20 Pins – I missed round one of these pins, but I am here for round two. I absolutely want that Dungeon Master pin, but as I said with the classic D&D pins, it’s important to get the one that resonates with you the most!

Traged13s of Middle School Pin – I’m not sure if this will be available now that the Kickstarter is over, but I can assure you that if you can get a hold of this pin, you will be the coolest kid at your RPG table, hands down.

More D20 Pins – There are lots of places you can get these, but I got mine – in a fantastic purple color – from this Kickstarter. But there are tons of options for these, including a spinning one from ThinkGeek.

Meeple Pins – Everyone needs a good meeple enamel pin. And the best news is that you can get them in 8 different colors for just $5 each at Meeple Source. Show off your meeple pride!

I Floop the Pig! – I love Adventure Time, and it bums me out that I don’t like the game based on the show (or rather, based on the game they play in the show). But darn if I don’t love this I Floop the Pig! Penny Arcade pinny from We Love Fine.

These Adorable Board Game Pins by Chitty Pins – OK, I’m cheating here by putting all four of these pins up here at once, but LOOK AT THEM. They are all so cute. It’s genuinely impossible to decide which one is the best. Like how could you even? My personal favorite is Deck Builder, but… seriously. Just get them all.

Lay Waste Games Pinny – The talented team that made Dragoon and Human Era also made a bunch of enamel pins, and they’re ALL rad. But this one, their Penny Arcade Pinny, has got to be my favorite. It’s not available for order online, but you can buy it from them in person at PAX East!

Cardboard Fortress Games Pin – My husband and I own a company called Cardboard Fortress Games, and this cute little guy is our logo. So far, they’ve been the hit of every game night, but that might be because we game a lot with our friends. We hope they become a phenomenon!


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