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Dice Throne season two, Harry Potter miniatures, and counterfeit Codenames

Amanda Farough February 16, 2018

Dice Throne’s wildly successful first season (and Kickstarter) has spurred Roxley Games into their second season (and ensuing Kickstarter). There are 6 new characters and new player boards, in addition to the 6 new decks.

Their stretch goals are pretty exciting and things are ramping up fairly quickly. They’ve already hit their first 4 stretch goals, with more on the way to completion. If things continue to move the way they have been, Dice Throne Season 2 will have an additional character (possibly more) for backers to enjoy. The Season 2 Kickstarter will wrap up in early March.

Fake Codenames is not as exciting as it sounds

Czech Games discovered some serious discrepancies floating around with their Codenames branding on it. As it turns out, people are making knockoff Codenames games and selling them on third-party vendors like ebay. Czech Games have issued a number of warnings, as a result.

  • First of all, try to avoid buying Codenames via eBay, Alibaba, and other similar huge selling portals. The majority of cases of counterfeit copies are from eBay sales.
  • Be wary of extremely low or “too good to be true” prices.
  • CGE manufactures Codenames in the Czech Republic, so if anyone says to you they don’t have any in stock and it would take some time to arrive from China, it’s suspicious.
  • Ideally, buy your games from a local or online game store. If in doubt, ask them who their distributor is.
  • Please note that sample photos of the game could be fake as well. If you have a chance to check the copy before buying, compare the components with the following pictures.

“Yer a tabletop game, ‘Arry”

Harry Potter is about to get the miniature treatment in an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

In this game, each player takes control of a group of witches and wizards from the Harry Potter cinematic saga, each represented by a finely detailed resin miniature, sculpted to exacting detail in collaboration with Warner Bros. Each 35mm miniature is produced in high quality resin, making it ideal for collectors, painters and gamers alike.

Knight Models has closely worked with the WB in the past, creating miniature adventure games for Batman and the DC comics universe, as well. The Kickstarter is set to apparate on March 14.


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