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Mayfair Games winds down publishing, Stranger Things art theft, and Valentine’s crabs

Amanda Farough February 14, 2018

Mayfair Games announced on February 9 that they will be winding down publishing. After 36 years, Mayfair Games sold all of its games to publishing competitor, Asmodee. In an oversaturated tabletop publishing market, it comes as no surprise that Mayfair is getting out before they start losing money hand over fist to Asmodee anyway.

Netflix’s Questionable Artwork

Netlfix has really stepped in it after Adam Moreau on Twitter discovered blatant art theft on a Stranger Things quilt, currently being sold at the big box chain, Target. Moreau’s discovery on Twitter alerted the artist, Matt Ferguson, to the intellectual property problem on February 13, shortly after tagging both Netflix and Target. Target’s response was fairly swift (and standard), and Ferguson managed to appear calm in the exchange.

It’s unclear as to whether or not anything will be resolved with the artist and Netflix, but chances are that Ferguson will suffer the same fate as many artists have with chains like Urban Outfitters, too.

Kittens ‘n Crabs

Exploding Kittens is doing something bizarre with Crabs on Valentine’s Day. (Something something venereal disease?)

We have no idea what’s going to happen with this announcement, but it looks both romantic and terrifying. Looks an awful lot like The Oatmeal’s creator, Matthew Ingram, talking about how he disagrees with Darwin… and instead praises Jibbers Crabst. Praise Jibbers!


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