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Spell Smashers, Renegade Game Studios

Keegan Acquaotta November 19, 2018

The Expected: A game about making words, mixed with a fun theme and fighting mechanics.
The Excessive: Wound cards that are very punishing, creating heightened difficulty, tension, and, sometimes, brutal turns.
The Exceptional: The variety in gameplay offered by the monsters and their card modifiers. That and a solo mode which clearly had lots of thought put into it.

Spell Smashers, designed by Christopher Chung. Illustrated by Mihajlo Dimitrievski

This is a great option if you like spelling games, and enjoy the idea of fantasy battle flavor. While possibly challenging for those that aren’t wordsmiths, there’s plenty of accessible and interesting strategy throughout.

Similar Games: Paperback, Word Domination
Recommended Player Count: 4 (or 1 for solo play)
Featured Game Mechanic: Hand Management
MSRP: $45.00


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